Kristin Waters, Ph.D.

Kristin Waters

Kristin Waters is professor emerita at Worcester State University and an Associated Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. Additionally, she has taught gender studies, ethnic studies, and philosophy at Bard College, Clark University, and Worcester State University. She was awarded the BA (Honors) at Bard College, studied at the University of Oxford, and earned her PhD at the University of Connecticut.

In addition to her research and teaching, she has served as Presidential Fellow for Art, Education, and Community, connecting the Worcester State University community with the Worcester Art Museum. She’s also active in the NAACP and at Bard College.


Facebook: Kristin Waters

Twitter: @KristinWaters1

“I feel almost unable to address you; almost incompetent to perform the task.” – Maria W. Stewart, Religion and the Pure Principles of Morality (1831)